Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to care for lily bulbs. Now lily bulbs are not that different from onions or garlic or any other type of bulb that you use as a vegetable. So when you store them you want to make sure that they stay moist, and not too dry. And to care for them the safest place is always in the ground. And they need a cold winter so if you live in San Diego you have got to actually dig them up, and keep them in a bag with some soil in the refrigerator for a few months. So basically my rule of thumb to care for lily bulbs is they are a natural being like anybody else so you don't want to separate the babies from the mamas until they are as big as the mamas. So periodically you will separate them, but if you have babies always keep them with the mamas, because the babies are not going to do much by themselves. And if you are ever storing them either store them right into a container with soil about three inches deep, keep that container kind of moist, but not dripping wet. And you want it to dry out as well, but you never want to be wet or dry at the same time. And then when you are putting them or storing them in a bag is very easy to do that too. Just keep them in a bag with some soil. You want to make sure the whole thing is covered up, because they will continue to root in the bag, because it is re-creating outside environment. So even over the winter they are going to continue to grow in the bag. So store them either at outside temperature they can get down to thirty degrees. You can actually freeze them or throw them in the refrigerator or I just put them out in a shop or the garage. Somewhere where it is close to outside temperature so they can stay on their natural cycle. Lilies can't handle it any colder than minus thirty degrees, and at the same time they have got to have some kind of a chill so they have a dormant period, and come back from year to year. So if you live in San Diego put some put them in soil, throw them in the refrigerator for three months in the winter time, replant them, and they will come right up. And if you live in a real cold climate do the opposite. Keep them in the garage or the house or the basement somewhere it is still cool, but not minus thirty degrees. And taking care of lily bulbs is really easy, because you don't have to do a lot. You can keep them in containers. Make sure they are in a container that they stay on the dry side for the winter. Because if it is soaking wet, and turns into a ice cube sometimes they can rot on you. But lily bulbs are easy to care for, and they will bloom where they are planted.