Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, I'm going to talk about how to grow Thunbergia, or the Black-Eyed Susan vine. Now, it is a different plant than Black-Eyed Susan. Black Eyed Susan is more like a Sunflower; grows kind of like a Chrysanthemum, and it's actually a vine from the tropics, so it's got to be brought inside in colder climates. It cannot even go below forty, fifty degrees without being damaged. So, you can start it by seed or by root, and it will make a vine so you've got to give it something to grab onto. Now, it likes full hot sun if you live there on the coast, but if you live in a really hot desert inland type of climate then make sure and give it a little bit of afternoon shade, and you have to give the vine something to grab onto and it will bloom all summer long, and you can just hack the blooms off as needed. And, you could give it, you could bring it into the garage for the winter and bring it outside again, or you could just let it die over the winter and start it from seed every spring. But, Thunbergia, or Black-Eyed Susan vine is a beautiful addition to your tropical garden.