Video transcription

Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to care for a voodoo lily, one of the most unusual plants in the world. Now voodoo lilies come from a bulb, and they're really easy to grow like other bulbs are. They're fascinating 'cos I planted the bulb about three inches deep, look like a Hershey's Kiss candy or a little flutter, and I just had the tip up about three inches, and first there was nothing but this calla lily-like bloom that came up that smelled really, really bad. So that's one of the reasons they're called the voodoo lily 'cos their fragrance is really gross, but it's a beautiful plant. Then that died, and then I had this gorgeous little palm tree type foliage coming up, and I love the spotted stems. I just think that it's just the coolest plant in the world. I love spotted stems. So any plant that looks like a leopard or has kind of weird leaves, that's all that to me. Now you want to make sure and give it a sunny spot, but I found here in the Northwest we've had some really hot summers, that it actually prefers to have a little bit of shade in the late afternoon. So this area, the greenhouse is shaded in the afternoon. So they're tender, they're not going to make it outside over the winter, but here in the greenhouse I'm just going to cover the whole thing with plastic. these are all my favorite tropical plants, and that way those the bulbs will stay dry, and it'll be like the little, mini greenhouse, within the greenhouse, and I usually don't lose anything that way. Voodoo lilies are really easy to grow, just make sure they get, you know, morning hit or part shade, and so that they don't get too hot in the afternoon. Unless you live on the coast, you can put it right out in full sun. And they are really easy plant to grow as a bulb, and they will die back in the winter so as soon as the foliage look rotty, just chop 'em down, and they'll come back the next spring, but they are great addition to your exotic garden.