Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tracy Prentiss from Montague, Massachusetts, and I'm going to show you how to make a letterhead in Word 2007. Microsoft Word gives you the ability to create a letterhead with large text and fonts and all sorts of information and then save it as a template so you can make additional letters. You want to start by putting in the information you want to appear in your letterhead. For example your company name, your company address, other contact information that you may want to include. Once you have the text that you want in in your letterhead what you need to do is format it so that it looks like a letterhead. The actual formatting depends on your preferences. You can change the fonts and the font sizes. You can center text or right align it. If you don't like having spacing between the lines like I have here, I want to get rid of that, I'm going to in the home tab in Microsoft Word go up to the styles area and click on the style called no spacing and that will make the lines type together so there is not excess space between them. If you would like to put a line between the letterhead and the body of your document you can do that with the Borders command, click below your letterhead on the home tab of the ribbon in the paragraph group, there is a button for borders, click on the little arrow to the right of it to give you all of your border choices, I'm going to select bottom border to give myself a line in my letterhead. Once you are pleased with the appearance of your letterhead you are ready to save it as a template that you can base new letters upon it. To do that go up to your office menu button, choose save as, Word template, give a name to your template such as letterhead. On the left hand side under favorite links be sure to click on template so that it is saved into your template folder and becomes available to you at all times. Click on save and now your letterhead is ready to use. To use it go to the office menu button, click on new. When the new document dialog opens, click on my templates. This will bring up the templates you have created and saved and in it you will find the template you just saved. Select it and click OK and you'll get a brand new document based on your letterhead template and you are ready to create a letter. That is how to make a letterhead in Microsoft Word 2007.