Video transcription

Hi my name is Patrick McCarthy. I'm a doctor of physical therapy here at Wilmington Orthopedic Group and I'm here to show you about some common physical therapy techniques that we use. One quick one is mobilization. Mobilization is something that we use kind of slow graded movements in order to increase mobility in the joint. One method I'm going to show here is say if you're limited in your hip flexion ability after total hip replacement or if you just have a contracture or maybe if you get even if you have common recurring hamstring gluteal muscle issues you can kind of get relief from this. So one way, I'll just use a little gate belt is by looping it around and a lot of times we'll use belts or props to help us gain a better angle and leverage so we don't hurt ourselves and we can do our jobs longer. So right here all I would do is just kind of help lean in and this just kind of helps gap the joint and roll the ball of the hip joint a little posterior into the socket. Afterwards then I would reassess mobility and that's one of our useful physical therapy techniques.