Video transcription

Hello I'm image consultant Susan Bigsby at In this clip we're going to show you how to wear a pocket watch with a chain. Lots of us have been left beautiful beautiful time pieces and pocket watches from grandfathers and great grandfathers and what do they do? They sit in the drawer because we don't wear them. Well they have a great great vintage look and there's something about that, they make a wonderful conversation piece too. This watch happens to be my husband's own grandfather's watch and this watch was actually sitting on the top of his dresser for the last 20 years. This clip actually gave me an excuse to use it and put it together for him so I found this chain and the chain actually adheres or attaches to the belt loop of the jeans or the slacks or whatever you are wearing. Did you know that this small pocket inside the bigger pocket of the jean was actually intended to wear a pocket watch and to house a pocket watch? Well unfortunately Steve's jeans don't accommodate that watch inside the pocket so we're going to have to just put that watch down inside the larger pocket but this is an older watch. It's a vintage watch and they were made bigger then. Times have changed and they're making them a little bit smaller now if you can even find them but it really looks nice if it's tucked in there because then the chain shows and it shows a little bit more of a vintage character of the watch and that's how it was intended and it's a very cool thing to be able to pull out your grandfather's pocket watch and take a look at the time. It's great conversation for anybody whose observing. On a fashion note it's always best when the color of the belt buckle matches the color of the watch which in this case is silver. This has been Susan Bigsby. Thanks for watching.