Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and I'm here today to show you how to plant bulbs the right way. So, in order to plant bulbs the right way, there's a few things that you need. So, you'll need the following. You need flower bulbs. I have all different varieties here. I got different types of Calla Lilies, some Irises that are root, some Irises that are raise zone. I got some Tulips and I got some Silas and I got some Amarillas and then you'll need a container or some ground or raise bed or some where to plant your flower bulbs and then you'll need soil for your container as well. So, the first step in planting bulbs is having good flower bulbs and figuring out which way is up. So, this is a Calla Lilly bulb the eyes go to the sky. So, I got a good bulb that's first. Second, when you go to plant it, plant it about three inches deep and you want to plant them in groups of two or three. You don't want to plant bulb all by itself. It will get really lonely. Now, once you planted it, third step is covering it about three inches deep with soil whether it's in the ground or in a container. So, we cover it about three inches deep with soil and you want to make sure the eyes are up and you want to put it in a sunny spot with good drainage and that's that. I'm Yolanda Vanveen and that's how to plant flower bulbs.