Video transcription

Hi my name is Michael Levin and I'm with In this clip we're going to show you how to make a motorcycle louder by changing the muffler. As you can see here, John is removing the muffler off this motorcycle. You'll get various sounds from various different types of mufflers but it will be required to change the muffler to a different exhaust. This has many different benefits as well and you always want to check with your local area for rules of sound as well as different types of mufflers. Showing here the muffler down here will produce louder sound due to its construction and various shapes. The internals have been modified and this will increase the sound of the exhaust system. Once you are done changing it you simply reinstall. For demonstration purposes we are reinstalling the initial muffler but again most of your sound is going to come through that area of the motorcycle. Again it's very important to know any local regulations from removing mufflers. Some mufflers may contain the catalytic therefore making it for street use only. Some mufflers are designed strictly for noise and are acceptable for street use so again very important to be able to check with your local area with what types of rules and laws will apply. Certain mufflers will also improve performance as well as can decrease performance so it is also very important to check with your local shop, get recommendations from them as well as local authorities for checking for any type of sound or ignitions alterations. In this particular carbon fiber will help remove heat making it cooler as well as a performance modification in that it's going to be much lighter than most any other material you can use. This material here is made out of parts of titanium as well as aluminum, also good in helping remove the heat, being lightweight and good for performance. This has been Michael with and thank you for watching.