Video transcription

This is Lynda DeChane from the South Florida Ballet Theater, home of the Florida Apprentice Ballet school in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you how to sew a ballet slipper. We'd start by demonstrating the pointe shoe, the elastic has already been sewn on to one side of the pointe shoe for the back. And then when you fold the end down, as we'd mentioned, you're going to put the ribbon inside the shoe. And you're going to begin with this needle and thread to sew this ribbon into the shoe. The ribbons are very beautiful on the dancer's foot, they keep the shoe secured in place. And it's very important that your ribbons do not stick out and your shoes do not become loose during your performance. They have many tricks for that as well, dancers tend to sew their ribbons right on to, after they're tied right on to each other, so they don't come apart. This is a short demonstration of how to get your ribbon on there, but all dancers whether they know how to sew or not, do learn how to do their own shoes. I like to do a cross stitch because it allows the ribbon to move slightly, when it's actually in motion. Once you've adhered the ribbon to one side of the shoe, you repeat it on the opposite side. Another very important thing for a dancer who is dancing on pointers, how to prepare her feet to wear the pointe shoe. Just like any new shoe, a pointe shoe is very hard, as you can hear. And that gives you the strength to protect your toes while you're standing on them. So dancers also can purchase toe tape, which is just a very thin almost medical tape, type of a tape. That they wrap around their toes and areas where their toes maybe be rubbing inside their shoe. Another thing that they do, is they wear either tissue paper from a garment purchase or something, over their toes, sticking inside shoes, and they're ready to go. This has been Lynda DeChane and thank you for watching.