Video transcription

Hello, I'm Image Consultant Susan Bigsby at In this clip we're going to show you how to wear sling bag. What is a sling bag anyway? Well, that's exactly what it sounds like. It slings over your shoulder and actually they're more prevalent in the form of a backpack. This is a sling bag. And why do they call it a sling bag? This is why. We're going to take it off. When you put it on you're going to sling it up over your shoulder and then you're going to take your other arm and you're going to slip it through the other side and it slings up over your back very easily. It's a wonderful thing to travel with. You can put everything in it. This is, this one I happen to like because it looks like patent leather and it doesn't look quite like a school backpack like a lot of the kids carry now. But it looks a little dressier and you could actually go through a city with this on your back and it looks a little bit more chic than what you would normally see in the form of a backpack. Now the way not to carry them is to drop it over your shoulder and just carry it on one arm. That's not what it was meant to do. Not if it has two straps. Now there are some bags that were designed so that they actually sling in the back and hang over the back of your, your shoulder. But this one, this particular one was designed to be more of a backpack. Now I would like to help you to understand how best to wear the sling bag so that you look nice and you look polished and you pull, you look pulled together; not like you're going camping. Now Angelia I've had put in a beautiful sweater that's simple; it's close to her body in this nice lines; very very simple lines and doesn't get in the way of all the bulk of this bag that she's carrying. It has to be easy to put on. If you're trying to fight over a jacket and a lot of layers and a lot of bulk, it's going to be uncomfortable. It's not going to sit well; it's not going to ride well and you're not going to be happy. The other way you're not going to be happy carrying the sling bag is if you have too little clothes on because in that way it could rub on your shoulders and again be uncomfortable too if it were hot. You're going to be better off wearing more of a t-shirt. So keep your lines simple. Keep them close to the body. Keep them sleek and if you're wearing a black patent, it's nice to put those simple bright colors with it so it sets it off. This is Susan Bigsby. Thanks for watching.