Video transcription

Hi I'm Melissa Seykora at A Village of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee and I am going to demonstrate how to make a gorgeous rose bouquet for a wedding. I'm going to use two types of roses. I am going to use the pale Sahara rose and I'm also going to use a hot pink hot lady rose. So I would strip off all of the foliage for all of the roses which I have already done. Now I am going to start a nosegay. So I am going to start with one of the prettiest roses in the middle and then I'm going to add different colors and variation. So let's start with a hot pink rose in the center and I'm going to alternate the colors so next I'm going to put a Sahara rose. So each rose that I add I will add it at an angle and turn it. So I'm going to alternate colors, add it at an angle and turn and just repeat that and add the roses at the different layers, alternating colors, tight buds are also very pretty too. You can have a more clean look but the open roses have that kind of vintage romantic feel. So I'm adding all the roses at an angle, turning and now I'm just going to see if they are at an even spacing, move anything that needs to be moved, bind all the stems together for stability, pull off any extra leaves. It's got a really pretty nosegay and now I'm going to add some lily grass and do a cage around it for a kind of modern twist on a rose bouquet. So I'm just going to put this lily grass at different angles, kind of cross hatch, just kind of an artistic way to add greenery and then we would also bind that into place. The next thing we would do is cut all the stems even and then later we would add ribbon as a finishing touch.