Video transcription

Hi, I'm Melissa Seykora with The Village of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee and I'm going to show you how to make an arrangement with some twigs in the bottom around the stems. So I'm taking curly willow tips and I'm winding them up and I'm going to put them down in the water. And by doing this it creates an interesting look down in the vase so you're decorating the whole thing as well as it creates a frog that holds the stems in place. And then I'm going to add some Macara orchids. Orchids have that nice really vibrant color that goes really well with the curly willow tips or twigs. so it's got a linear feel. I'm going to add some horsetail and you can bend this and it's really pliable. So it looks great with the whole feel of the curly willow bent down inside the vase. So this is a more angular type look, for something very unique.