Video transcription

Hi, I'm Melissa Seykora with A Village of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm going to show you how to make a lily arrangement. I'm going to start with a rectangle vase, and I'm going to use mini pits, variegated pits, and I'm going to make a base all the way around of greenery to hold the lilies in place, and to kind of camouflage the lily stems. And I'm going to use these beautiful white oriental lilies. Give 'em a fresh cut. And I'm going to do sort of a symmetrical arrangement, so I'm going to start in the middle and work my way out. And just add the lilies into all of this space. All these different angles, so you can see a lily if you were to stand anywhere around the arrangement. And all of these lilies are gorgeous and they have some buds that are on them, and they will open up over the next five days to a week. And lilies have a great fragrance, so if you're having company over and you get an arrangement of lilies, I'm sure that'll be really special and sweet for them. Now, we could stop there if you wanted to do a very simple, serene arrangement. If you wanted to add a little color and a little pop, we're going to add the bright, beautiful Stargazer Lilies. And we have that pretty hot pink. We're going to add these in the space in between the lilies without overcrowding, but we're going to make a really nice, full, impacting lily arrangement. So we're kind of breaking up all the white with a pop of pink. Then our last lily. You don't want to get too crowded, because the lilies are very fragile and the petals will break off. So at the end we will take off all the pollen. This can stain your carpet. It doesn't really stain, you can get it off. Sunshine is a good way to get lily pollen off. But they come off really easy, and that saves you the trouble of getting pollen off of anything. And the other way that we get pollen off the petals are these chenille stems. So you would take a chenille stem, and just clean off the petal. So this cleans off any of the pollen that's fallen off. We're just going to spot all these little petals, clean those off. Take off any of the other pollen. And there's a very elegant lily arrangement.