Video transcription

Hi I'm Melissa Seykora with A Village of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee and I'm going to demonstrate how to make a tall dramatic arrangement. This is a mercury vase that we use a lot for weddings. We rent this out to different weddings for, and all kinds of occasions. We're going to do a base of hydrangea. It's a nice showy impacting flower. It comes in a variety of colors. We use white a lot just like a blank slate to kind of set the tone for the rest of the flowers that will go into your arrangement. So we're going to put the hydrangea all the way around, really beautiful pops of gorgeous hydrangea. Now we're going to add pink Sorbonne lilies so they a little feminine touch and fragrance. We do this type of arrangement sometimes all one mass of flower but as you can see we can add a little more drama by adding some color, doing this in layers and to make it even taller with each layer of flowers. Now we're going to add our calla lilies. Calla lilies have a nice natural curve. If you want to straighten them you just gently pull those straight, give them a cut. When you are using really high quality flowers it doesn't take a lot to really make a really beautiful impact and we typically try to keep the flower arrangements with an odd amount but that doesn't always work. Sometimes it looks great with an even amount of flowers. These calla lilies look just like the ones that Diego Rivera has in all of his paints and these calla lilies came from California. One last calla lily.