Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from And in this segment we're going to talk about how to transplant Iris bulbs. Now the best time to transplant your Iris is whenever they're not looking good. This is the end of summer, the greens have died back, they're not looking that great. You can transplant them any time of the year though, because they will move, it doesn't matter. When you divide them out, I divide from the outside in, cut all the greens off and now I've got a bunch of new starts. Now plants are social, so when you replant them you want to plant them back into groups. You never want to plant a bulb all by itself. So I like to do at least three in a triangle, about just a few inches deep. And you can mix them with other bulbs as well. And so you want to make sure the green is up and the root part is down and you can only have to cover them up a couple of inches. In fact bearded Iris can sit right on top of the soil and come up as well. So, I'm just turning around and I'm covering them back up about two or three inches so that the root is good and covered. So make sure and water them really well so that they can get set and then they'll be dormant most of the winter and they'll come up and bloom next spring beautifully.