Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow amaryllis offset bulbs. Now, offset bulbs are basically babies so when you have a plant and it makes the babies, it has offsets or off shoots. Now, when you divide those out away from the mommas, there's a few rules that I like to follow and I'll cover those things. Now amaryllis come in all shapes and sizes and bulbs come in all shapes and sizes but my rule of thumb is don't separate the babies from the mommas until there big as the mommas are. So, this amaryllis got quite a few different babies on it and so an easy way is to separate them out just pull them apart or twist them apart. Now, here I have some twins. There's two starks from one and I've found if you separate them out too small into the small pieces it takes seven years for the smallest of bulbs to do any thing. So, if there's twins there's smaller bulbs, I leave them together and again plants are socially like to live in group. So, when you turn around and plant them back out again, I always like to plant them in triangles about six inches apart. So, whether you put them in a container or the ground, you want to separate them and in the container, you can close even three inches apart but put them back out in a triangle and so that way they can fill in. You never want to put offset or plant in the corner by itself in timeout. It's done nothing wrong. Plants are social and they got to be in groups. So, turn around and plant your offset bulbs immediately. Give them away to your friends but make sure and keep them in groups of three or more because no one wants to be alone.