Video transcription

Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen from And in this segment we're going to talk about how to care for amaryllis bulbs. Now, amaryllis come in many shapes and sizes but there's really two main families. There's amaryllis belladonna that bloom in the fall that come from South Africa that you cannot force to bloom inside like Christmastime, and then there's the South American type of hippeastrum or the amaryllis that bloom for Christmas or Christmas amaryllis. And so when you care for 'em there's two different ways to care for 'em but they look about the same. Now, amaryllis bulbs grow almost anywhere but they don't usually do well where they get really really cold in the winter so if you live somewhere where it's below 10 degrees I would bring it inside for the winter. So you want to keep 'em dry but not too wet so you either wrap 'em in newspaper like you would a dahlia or put 'em in a container with soil, leave it dry or you can put it right into a bag with some soil on the dry side but the trick is to check on it to make sure it's not too dry or too wet to either add a wet soil or dry soil or air it out and it's really that easy. Now, the amaryllis belladonna bloom in the fall and you leave 'em outside. In cold climate you should bring 'em inside and protect them in the winter. Whereas Christmas amaryllis once they've bloomed, an easy trick just leave 'em dry in the container or dry in a paper bag and then in May or June plant 'em outside in a sunny spot and they will come up and they should bloom every summer. Then when it gets cold in the fall, dig 'em up, chop the greens off, just leave 'em dry again either in a container, wrap 'em in newspaper or put 'em right with soil in a bag and then just keep 'em dormant in that bag all winter long and turn around and plant them by next spring. And then that way you can enjoy your amaryllis for many years.