Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green thumb for Raising plants in egg cartons. It's one of the things that's easy to do. Alright, you get your typical egg carton and you get your green thumb multi-tool and cut along the edge of the container and you have a little tray that you can put your little seedlings in. Now, sometimes I'll use a little soldering iron or I'll just use my trusty little knife and make a little whole in each one. We're actually going to make little holes in the base of the egg carton so you'll have something for drainage and if you want you can actually take a little bit of cotton material and create a little wicking action. So, you can actually pull moisture back up through the egg carton. This is a good way for many different seeds to start and it's something that almost everyone of us have that we wind up throwing away that we can use as a tool. It's also great for the young and the young at heart to show them how to start something that they have as a tool to raise seeds from. When you do have your little seeds, you're going to, of course, then come back in, add your dirt. We're just going to fill up the little tray like you might if you were growing into a nursery tray and each one will hold enough that you can actually start your little seedlings in here and we have something to hold the little plant in and something for them to germinate up through. When you start that, you can either can put this up like this in the bottom to help hold moisture and wick it up through it or some people will put it upside down like this and have it sitting on a tray of water and for planting with egg crates, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.