Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan Defreitas Mr. Green Thumb. Chinese Lanterns can be raise from seed. Now, I know the Chinese Lantern is a very unusual looking plant and because of that it has been much loved in growing and you may find some of the seeds in some of the catalogs or you might find some in nurseries but it's not a standard nursery item. So, you're going to have to do a little bit of checking typically to find the Chinese Lantern plant. Now, when the flower gets through, you're going to take it apart. Get those little seeds out of it and from that, you're going to take the seeds one-by-one and put them into a nice potting soil. Usually, I place them about an inch or two apart. If you want to put two seeds to a little container, you can. Make sure of course you have good moisture. Water them in well. Plant into a good soil and make sure that they get about six hours of bright sun a day. If you do that, they should do quite well for you. If you check the pH of your soil probably about five-five to six-five, slightly acidic. Make sure they get good moisture. Make sure they get good sun light. You too can grow Chinese Lanterns. I'm Mr. Green Thumb San Defreitas.