Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few yoga poses for a slipped disc. Now, before doing any of these exercises, you want to consult your physician, but complete immobilization of the spine is the quickest way to healing and recovery. But, I'm going to show you a few things; back bending asanas is really what you want to do to really get that spine, kind of, you know, healthy again. So, the legs are long. This is a simple way to start. One hand on top of the other, you can just take your forehand right to your hands. I'm going to start with just lifting the legs up and down. Lift and lower. Exhale and inhale. So, I'm bringing that rich blood supply to my spine. It's going to rejuvenate those spinal nerves. It's amazing. Even with that if you want to add the upper body only, that's kind of great, but advance would be both. The upper and the lower. So, another great way, we've got to stretch it out. That kind of gets it strong, but we want to stretch it. Hands, pulling back a little bit, pressing into the earth, opening the chest. That's a back bend. It's pretty fantastic. Stretching that spine. It's amazing. Feels good. Alright. So, we've got the locust pose. Pressing back to a child's pose is another great way to relax that spine. Feels so good to just hold it right here and then you want to come up. But just do those and try to hold those poses for maybe five to ten seconds, but that's a great way to really work and really take care of that slipped disc.