Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. Want to talk to you today about men exercises for really toning the lower part of the core but I'll be honest, diet and exercise are critical. You got to eat right and you got to do the cardios so you can burn the calories because if you have a layer of fat not going to be able to see the six-pack but I'm going to show you a few exercises right now, just simple things. If you got a ball kind of rolling around your house just want to grab it. Elbows on the ball we're just going to shift forward and pull it back. That's working the lowest part of the core. Roll it out. Pull it in just a few of those unbelievable how much you're working the lowest part of your core. Another one is just kind of simple. Go to a fast and plank. Elbows under shoulders you can begin on the knees. Tuck your toes under. Lift the knees off and you're working the core. You don't even have to move but if you want to add a little bit of movement, lower the knees and lift the knees. That's working the lowest part of the knees and lift the knees. That's working the lowest part of the abdominals. I've just done a few and already burning. That's good stuff. Got a few more to show you. We're going to come on the floor. You just want to bring the knees directly above the hips. Make a triangle with your hands. Place them so the thumbs kind of outline the tail bone. You could do one foot at a time or glue the knees together. Lower both feet and lift up. Another good one legs long you just want to bounce them from side to side inhale exhale. That's a great one to tone the bottom. One more for you guys that's awesome. Take your hands. Make fists. Put them under your shoulders. Lift the butt no big deal. Lift the legs excellent. That is burning right in the core lowest part of the abdominal muscles and that's how you tone those lower abs for you guys out there.