Video transcription

Hi I'm Julie Kidd. I'm an asset management consultant from Atlanta, Georgia and I'm going to be talking to you about how to pay property taxes on line. You'll need to know the county in which your property is located and you will need your parcel number or your property id number, both of which can be found on your tax bill or usually on the county tax website, you can look that up. My tax website is and I have pulled up that site and I'm on the home page and then there is a tab at the top to click for property taxes so I'm clicking on that ab and then there is a section over here on the left for tax, bills and payments and I have clicked on that. It gives you some information about when your tax bill will be received, the due dates and penalties and things like that. If you need to search for your parcel id they do have a bar at the top where you can do a search by address or parcel id which will help you pull up your actual tax bill specific for your property. Most of the property tax websites allow you to pay by electronic check or by credit card and there usually is a convenience fee that goes along with those but it's usually between like $1.95 and $4.95 is what I've seen and that's how to pay your property taxes on line.