Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to graft rose bushes. Now roses are so easy to propagate. Basically you take a little piece of a rose stem and put it in water, it'll set roots; or you can put it right in soil and it will set roots as long as that soil is really wet. Now grafting is the art of taking one plant and mixing it with another plant. So let's say this is a pink rose, that's a red rose. I'm going to take a stem off of the pink rose and graft it onto the red rose so then it will grow and part of the other rose will be pink and part of it will be red. And it's really easy to do 'cause basically whether it's rooting into the soil or it's rooting into another rose, roses love to root. Now when you're cutting down a stem that you're going to graft, you want to make sure and cut it off at the point where it's meeting another leaf line and you cut at an angle. And you don't want to have too long of a stem either because it has to get all those moisture into the top of the stem and if it's too long and lanky, it won't graft well. Once you selected your stem, cut some of the bottom leaves off; I found that's good; and if there's a lot more leaves too sometimes by trimming a few out it will just encourage the other ones to be stronger. So I've cut a couple out, now I'm going to go over; I've got my pink rose, I want to put it onto my red plant. Now when you're grafting there's many different methods. You can go right into the stem on the side and then basically just cut a V right into the stem. "Let's see if we can do that". And then just leave some bare right into the plant exposed. As long as you can get that graft in there; and so you want to leave it though at an angle so that there's somewhere for that root to grab onto. Now I found the best rooting method is honey. I love honey for everything. Just put some in a shot glass; take it out in the garden and put it onto your rose and what I found it keeps it moist; it gives it some sugar and encourages the roots to grow. So you put some honey onto your stem and then right where it's meets and you've made that little hole onto the stem, you want to set it there. Now there's all types of tapes that you can use; but stretchy type of tape seems to work the best. Okay. And this doesn't really stick, it just kind of wraps. Even cloth will work; lots of different things will work. But you don't want to use anything that's going to suffocate the plant. So I've got my honey and I'm putting it right into where it's meeting. Okay. And now I'm going to take my tape; I'm just going to tape it onto that plant and what will happen is that, it's got the honey, it's going to stay moist; I'm going to water it really well and it'll pretty much root right into the other rose. And then eventually it'll grow itself and you can take the tape off and it will stay strong. Now you can also graft right where two stems meet. So right in the area where a larger stem will meet the main stem. Just cut a hole in there and put the rose right in there and then tape it up too and that seems to work really well. But grafting is a fun art and it doesn't always work either. So my attitude is keep trying and keep trying and mix all your plants up; before long, you'll have your own rose bush with purple, pink, white and yellow flowers on it. Won't that be pretty?