Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to answer the question how to take care of Knockout Roses. Now Knockout Roses is a name brand of a series of roses that are just incredibly easy to grow. Now they grow like a shrub and they don't need hardly any care at all and the flowers just keep blooming and blooming for months and months. As long as you give them some sun, some water and an area to grow they will come up and do really well. They're completely disease resistant and they can grow in cold climates and warm climates and they're such an easy plant to grow and I'll give you some hints. So these Knockout Roses have been here for a while. They're just on to the fence. They're just kind of growing wild. They're not maintained, they're not watered in any way and they're still surviving which always amazes me. So by mid-Summer a lot of times sometimes they'll look a little ratty and they'll kind of take over a little bit so by just trimming some of the wild suckers off and they will deadhead themselves. The flowers actually kind of just fall right off but a lot of times there's so many blooms that I actually like to trim out some of the blooms as they are spent because then it will just encourage more blooms to come up and you never want to trim it down too far either because you want to leave at least a foot of the plant and basically all Summer long I just kind of clean it up a little bit and it will bloom through the Fall as soon as the nights get really cold and it starts to freeze and if you live in a cold climate and they start looking really ratty, trim them all the way down to about 18 inches above the ground and then next year they'll come up and just do really well and actually the best time to trim them down is in the Spring because then they can be dormant all Winter but pretty much any time of the year you can trim them back and you can enjoy them because they're a beautiful addition to your garden.