Video transcription

Today we're going to talk about how to sit on the exercise ball. The first thing you want to do is remember that they roll so you need to put your hand down and gently sit on the ball. You want to keep your hips, knees, and ankles aligned. You also want to sit up nice and tall on the ball to engage the correct muscles so you may want to think about squeezing a grapefruit to move your shoulders back. While you're here you can do some bouncing exercises, just bouncing is going to engage your core. Your core muscles multifidus, transversus, pelvic floor will all be engaged if you are not rolling off the ball, so just bouncing here is a good exercise and a good place to start. Moving your arms is the next level. The next level that you would be able to do if this is o'kay for you is to do one leg off at a time. So you're going to bounce, kick, bounce, kick and those are just a few exercises that you can do while you are sitting on the exercise ball.