Video transcription

Today we're going to be focusing on Pilates exercises for flabby arms. The first exercise I want to show you is just using the mat. Go ahead and lay down with your belly towards the mat or prone. Place your arms on either side of your body and be looking at the mat, feet are together. From here, inhale, shoulder blades go down the back and arch the back up. Now we're going to pump our arms, breathing in for five, exhaling for five and then release it back down. Another exercise you can do is using a band. I have a low resistance band and I'm going to place this around my back and lay down on the mat. From here you want your elbows to be bent, arms close to your sides and then just exhale as you pull the band down to the ground, exhale down, and pull back up, exhale and back up. Those are just a few exercise that you can do to improve your tricep strength which is also the area of the flabby arm.