Video transcription

Hi, this is Deborah Quinn with Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Desert, California. Today we're going to show you how to airbrush in cake decorating. Okay, so with airbrushing, airbrushing is very simple, there's no right or wrong. Basically, colors together, you can clean it up very easily on cakes as far as if you make a mistake it's very easily to wipe off. What we're doing here is we're going to airbrush this pumpkin, some yellow and orange colors, so I've pulled out two of our colors here. And, just simply going to turn on the airbrush. This is an edible airbrush color, just going to pour it about halfway full. You never want to fill up the airbrush with color just because you don't want any spillage accidentally on your cake. So I'm just going to do even strokes coming down on this here. I'm just going down into the cracks there, nice even strokes. And I'm ready to switch to the next color. You basically, I mean it depends on what colors you're using. If you're going to use another color that you don't want any of the yellow in you need to clean it out to start, but on this because we're mixing the two colors in together I'm just going to pour that right back in there, halfway on the airbrush. And I'm going to very lightly let this splatter over some of the yellow spots, and then fill in any white spots that I left as well. Just getting a very fall look going here, with the two colors mixed. Just don't want to leave too much white color, we're going to try to fill in all of the sides colors there. And then I'm going to give it a very, very small amount of brown at the top and the bottom. This is where we're going to put our stem, so I'm going to go right over, this is a darker color, so it will definitely cover up any other color that you've already put on there, which I have the yellow and the brown. I'm going to give it a little bit of a dark color right in the creases, and as well along the bottom. Okay, just one more shot. A little bit of color goes a long way on a airbrush. So there we've used three colors just to give it your color you want. And like I said, any mistakes, any drips, very easy to clean up with on your airbrush color. Just use a towel and dab it, and then go over it again and you're good. What we're going to do before we put the airbrush away is make sure we clean it for the next time. Very important in taking care of your airbrush is clean it out. You can run it through water, but you definitely want to get some alcohol in there, the alcohol is actually going to soak into the pieces inside to get out any of the color that you already have there. So what I like to do is let the airbrush, just go through its color with the alcohol in there to get any of the pieces out, any chunks, and then we'll do it again. Just to make sure. Brown is going to be a darker color, you don't want that sitting in there overnight; it'll dry up and the next time you're going to be a little more spotty when you use your airbrush. And, airbrushing colors, you can use any kind of colors that are going to be edible. You can buy paste and add a little bit of liquid in there, you can get at your local cake decorating supply places. Cake decoration places actually do sell colors that are made for airbrush but mixing colors as well. And those are some ideas for airbrushing and cake decorating. Thank you so much from the Pastry Swan Bakery.