Video transcription

Hi, this is Deborah Quinn with Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Desert, California. Today we're going to show you how to make some 40th birthday cake decorating ideas. Alright, we are doing a 40th birthday cake decoration. This can be just very simple idea; something that's not too dark; not quite over the hill but yet we are going to coat the cake in a black fondant. So we have Les, he's going to give us our first coat on the outside of the cake and I'm going to just basically cut out some circle decorations that we're going to do and I picked just a few different colors that will go on the black without being too dark for us. I've also made a couple numbers, the 40. What we've done is we've actually just, so that we could do this today, is purchased wood four, zero; four and a zero made of wood. So what we did, we just coated it with a bit of a fondant and we put our own Popsicle sticks in the base of it so that we can actually get it to stand up on the cake to show that that is a 40th birthday. That way there doesn't need to be any message, no happy birthday, just showing that they are the four and the zero which is very important for your pictures. What we're going to do is start out with just a couple of colors; I have my ring cutters in a couple of different sizes and shapes; I'm just going to cut out a few different shapes of a few different colors. I've started here just simply taking a little bit of a teal color and what we did to get this bigger circles is taking two different sizes there; a larger one and a smaller one and just basically cut out our circle and then a smaller circle in that. So we're just going to continue on cutting out a few different shapes with a few different colors, just to get some different styles and shapes putting some holes in the middle; cutting some holes off to the edges; it's going to make a big difference; given your total different looks on those. The pieces that I've let sit up a little bit more than the rest of these, you can actually place that so that they give a nice look on the opposite sides of the cake there. You do the same things with these rings as these have sit up a little bit since this morning; so we will get a fun look going there rather than just circles on the sides. We're going to add our four and our zero right on the center; wherever you want them to be actually be since we're not going to use a message for this. We're going to just center them; I put a little bit of water down on the base so that it will help and glue them together and then we're just going to continue to put in color around. Once those set up just a little bit, you can sit those anywhere; some of them standing up will make it really fun. And this is a very simple cake; what we're going to do next is just simply pipe a little bit of black color on there to kind of bring in the black background. We're going to do our favorite little balls; but we take just a leftover color that we have made and simply place them a couple around the base; a couple around the top, wherever you want them. You can use whatever color you have. We'll make it a very fun birthday. This is, it's going to be a fun birthday without getting too dark; not quite over the hill but almost over the hill. And those are our 40th birthday cake decorating ideas. Thank you so much; Pastry Swan Bakery.