Video transcription

Hello my name is Crystal Nassar with Tuscany Florist in Rancho Mirage, California and I'm going to show you how to make a wedding floral arrangement. I am going to start with some basics and this is the knowledge that you need to know to make most arrangements that are vase with water in it so here we're starting with I'm just going to show you a little taping on this vase. I've got my, this is actual vase floral tape and it's in clear because you know you're taking pictures and you don't want that green tape you see showing. So what I do is I just take it, tape it across the top of the vase, make sure it folds over the rim so that you can catch it when you wrap around. I'm just going to put two and this tape only sticks to itself. It won't stay on the vase so it really has to go over itself, this floral tape so I'll do two across and now I'm just going at the rim of the vase and I'm going to take my floral tape and cover the tape that's criss-crossed so I know it's going to stay on and that's all you do. So that's nice and tight on there and here I've already filled my vase with water and some kind of flower food. I'm just using a typical vase here. I'm going to show you how to green and we're going to start with our canvas here. Our greenery is always the basis. If you're not using greenery then you're going to most likely use a different kind of vase because you are going to be paveying but here we're just going to, I'm going to show you how to do, this is a leather leaf and this is a very common leaf you'll find on the market. It will be easy for you to buy and I'm just going to, with my cutters, cut the stem and just start angling it in there kind of make it so that it looks like a plant. You have a nice shape going and don't be afraid to leave the stems tall because you can always cut them back down and then I'm going to mix the greenery just by adding a little bit of lemon leaf. You can use eucalyptus. You can use Israeli ruscus, Italian ruscus, it's nice to mix greens. It makes the arrangement even nicer. I'm just going to put some more height in here with my greenery. Next my little trade secret is the leaf shine which you see used on house plants. Try not to get it on flowers so you always want to do this before you insert your flowers. Just a nice mist, not too heavy. I'm just going to show you how to do a simple rose arrangement. You can use any flowers with this basic knowledge that you're gathering here. You can use any color roses. You can use Gerber daisies, a mix of flowers. So I'm going to show you, we're going to kind of make it like a dome, that's the shape we're going for and like I said it takes practice but it's, so I'm just going to kind of hold it where I think it should be cut and always cut your flower on an angle because you want the flower to drink while it's in the vase and a fresh cut, your flowers should not be out of water for more than 20 seconds without having a fresh cut so. That's a little too short here we've got to put that on this side. We're going to just have a nice dome shape going here, get an idea that everything else will be cut a little bit shorter, your center flowers and then your dome shape and then just kind of fill in the empty pockets. If it's one sided that's a different story but if you know this is going to be seen on a banquet table or an entrance table you want it to look good from all angles and then I'm just going to spray it again just don't get the flowers, just a little bit of that beautiful rose leaf that I left on top, some healthy roses. O'kay and there you have a beautiful wedding arrangement. So you can take all of the tools and knowledge that I taught you and add your different flowers to the same kind of concept here. You can change the vase, add you know lilies or whatever you want, add more height but now you have the basic kind of tools to make an arrangement with any kind of flowers.