Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about Clivia or Clivia from seed. Now Clivia is a South African plant that I love. It loves warm shade; it doesn't like a lot of full hot sun and burn. It grows in the tropical areas under trees and it has beautiful orange and yellow flowers and when they're done blooming; they produce these little seed pods. Now you can save those seeds and turn around and plant them and they will make more plants. Now it takes a long time from seed to get a plant to bloom up to seven years. But it's still worth saving all of these seeds and so at the very end of each one of these is a seed pod. Now you can turn around and put these seed pods right into a container of soil. Now the trick is just cover that up with about two or three inches; not even three inches; I'd say one to two inches of soil and put it in a warm but not too sunny spot because Clivia do not like full hot sun. And they, they need a lot of heat to generate. They do not like to be even below fifty degrees it'll get damage. But you can start your seeds anytime from late spring to even mid-summer and if you want to grow them indoors and you have enough light; artificial light; you can start them year around. But Clivia or Clivia is a wonderful addition to your garden.