Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow pampas grass from seed. Now pampas grass is one of my favorite ornamental grasses and it can be huge. I saw some in Australia that were 20 feet tall and took over probably a 10 X 20 area, just one plant, just these huge Manga pampas grasses. So they're easy to start from seed just like any other grass that you have a seed that will grow into a plant. You can use any container to start your seeds in as long as you've got some nice potting soil mix, they will come up. Now the seeds are usually very small so what I like to do is just sprinkle quite a few into a little area and because not every one of them will take and then you want to just kind of work that way or you want to work the seeds into the soil, a lot of times I just use my fingers. Now the trick with starting seeds is not to have too much pressure. You want to use a mister that just moistens the soil slowly and then that way when it is really moist the seeds will generate and it will grow. You want to make sure and do it when it's warm because if you try to start these in February, March they will do nothing. Start them indoors, put them outdoors or you could wait until Summer and just start them right in the soil but pampas grass is really an easy grass to grow as long as you put it in a sunny spot and give it lots of room to grow.