Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about growing tomatoes indoors from seeds. Now you can grow tomatoes indoors in a greenhouse like I have in this raised bed or you can grow them right into a sunny window or an atrium or under artificial light in your house. But either way you follow the same rules and it's really, really easy. These baby tomato seeds were started about a month, month and a half ago now. And so what I've done is just made little raised beds and then sown them right into the row. And I just covered them about one inch with soil. And they've come right up. Now you can put them right into containers in the house the same way. And so when you are starting the seeds, I always try to make kind of a raised bed even within my container. So I'm going to take my seeds and I just barely cover them, maybe one to one half inch or one half to one inch into the container. And you want to do it on both sides. And use lots of seeds. I have found you can always thin them out and not everyone of them will come up. Now when you are watering them make sure and mist you don't just spray it really hard with water and then that way they'll come up and they won't get damaged. And once they are a little bit more substantial plants you can water them a little more. If you start them in a small tray they will get bigger and you want to transplant them in to a bigger pot. The trick with growing tomatoes indoors is not to let them to be too wet or too dry. And you want to give them some humidity. So sometimes just putting the container on gravel in moisture so they have some extra moisture will make all the difference. And then that way you can have your own tomatoes indoors.