Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vaneen, and in this segment we're going to talk about, how to grow coffee beans at home. Now coffee comes from warm climates, so the coffee plant really likes a tropical very humid climate. So when you're growing them from coffee beans, you want to give them the same kind of environment, lots of moisture, lots of heat, lots of humidity, not direct sun but filtered sun, like they would get in the jungle. So when you're growing them from beans as well, you want to make sure the beans are not baked, so you need fresh green beans, you don't want baked beans because they won't germinate. And a lot of places will sell the fresh beans, even different coffee distributors, but you've got to make sure that you don't have the baked beans because they won't grow. When you're growing a coffee plant from a coffee bean, you would grow it just like any other seed. You want to have nice, good potting soil, lots of organic material, maybe some peat moss, really good drainage. And you want to plant them only maybe one to two inches deep, and there's really no right or wrong side, because they're going to grow out of the ends. And so I just kind of set them in the soil. And then when I water too, I try to mist and not just use a high pressure, because then it'll work the seed or the bean right back up and you might lose it. Again, you want to keep it in a really warm area like a patio or the side of the house where the late afternoon sun kind of shades because of the house or tree, so it's really hot but not direct sun in the late afternoon. And eventually you will have a large plant. From seed it might take three to five years in a cold climate, because you're going to keep it dormant in the winter, just like you would a begonia. In the winter time you don't want to let it freeze, so you want to keep it protected. And eventually you will have a large plant that will produce its own coffee beans.