Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about growing fruit trees from seeds. Now every type of fruit can grow from a seed and so whenever you're eating a peach or a pear or a plumb or an apple you can actually save those seeds and they will grow into a plant. I have found that you can plant fruit seeds year round and they will generate when it warms up. So if you plant them in the Fall or the Wintertime they're just going to sit dormant and in the Spring they will start to generate and they will grow. Seeds just need water and heat to generate so any type of fruit will generate if it gets those two items and when you plant them basically cover them about one or two inches and it's good when you are watering just to mist a bit because if you really throw the water in and use high pressure all the dirt will come right back out. By misting you can keep it wet but not too wet. Now if you are starting your seeds in the Fall or the Winter keep that pot on the real dry side. That's what I've learned. Don't let them rot because sometimes they'll just rot if it's really wet and then when it starts to heat up in April, May water it really well and it will start growing and you can start seeds up through the Fall so a lot of times even in the middle of Summer you can start your seeds and then that way you will have a plant growing and you can enjoy your own fruit in the near future.