Video transcription

I am Laurian Rauen, from Wings to New Horizons a non-profit bird sanctuary. There are many different things that you can use for making your own bird toys. You don't have to necessarily go out and spend big bucks, because it is amazing how many things are available to you free or inexpensive. For instance you can take the little shower rings, which you can buy at the dollar store, many other places. Got the little shower ring here, I snapped it on a little bracelet that I bought at the dollar store. This is a elasticized bracelet, this is something that you could use for parakeets, love birds, very small birds, because bigger birds than that would be very destructive. These are little stars, and they happen to come from the floral department at a grocery store. These are weighted so they are used with balloons that are sold to you. They are made of a heavy hard plastic, and what I did is I placed it on the side of the shower curtain ring. Now there you have got a very interesting little toy for your bird, which is all plastic. So you can take your one cup of bleach, and your one gallon of water, and if they become soiled, because the birds have defecated on them you can take that, put it in a bowl, disinfect it, rinse it off, air dry it, and put it back in, and it is nice and healthy. Now we also have items that you can buy at your local craft store. For your bigger birds you want to get into your leather products. You can buy little blocks of wood, you buy bells. Here is one that is commercially made, but you can buy all of these things at a craft store. You can tie them together with leather, because that is not harmful to your larger parrots. But if you look around you will find there are many, many things.