Video transcription

Hi I am Ashlegh Gass, strength conditioning specialist, Exercises while sitting in a chair. There might be a couple of reasons you are interested in doing exercises from a chair. Number one, perhaps you are injured, and you are, you spend most of your time sitting down. Number two you might work in an office where you spend eight to ten hours a day in a seated position, and during a break you are interested in certain exercises or the possibility of exercises you can do. I am going to show you a few. So from the side the first exercise is very, very good to improve your posture. A lot of people end up sitting like this all day long, and over time that can cause a lot of shoulder and back problems. So the first one is actually designed to help to strengthen your upper back area, and to improve your seated posture. So begin with your elbows at your sides, palms up, you first point is to bring your shoulder blades in together. So squeeze your shoulder blades in together, and then push your elbows down towards your butt. So your shoulder blades should feel like they are squeezed in and down. You can hold this one for as long as you want, but I recommend about five to ten seconds, and then slowly let your shoulder blades relax. So again, shoulder blades and elbows in, and down towards your butt five to ten second holds, and relax. And what you will find after doing say five to twenty of those. So varying in reps from five reps if you are just beginning to twenty if you are more experienced you will find afterwards that you feel more open through your chest, and you should feel muscles in your upper back having been worked. So that is the first one I call that a seated scapular pinch or seated shoulder blade pinch. This next exercise can be very beneficial to start to develop butt strength, which is important because a lot of people are walking around with a bum that doesn't work. So sitting in a chair start off with thin tummy, which just means draw your belly button in towards your spine. Kind of like you are trying to fit into a tight pair of pants. So thin tummy first, tight cheeks second. So I am squeezing my butt cheeks together like I am trying to lift myself off the chair. So thin tummy, tight butt cheeks, hold, five second holds, and relax. Keep your tummy thin, squeeze your butt cheeks together, that is the thin tummy, tight cheeks, five second holds, and relax. One more thin tummy, tight cheeks, and relax. So we have got those two exercises seated shoulder blade pinches, and thin tummy, tight cheeks that can be very beneficial if you spend a lot of time in a seated position. Thanks, I am Ashleigh Gass, strength conditioning specialist with