Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ronald Chase; owner of Express Auctions in Pahrump, Nevada. Now I'm going to demonstrate how to add money to your Paypal account using your credit card. Most likely if you use Paypal before, you already have a credit card on file. Log in to your account. From the main account window select add funds. From the very next screen, select the credit card you have on file. This will bring up a screen confirming your credit card and asking for how much money you like to add to your account. Enter your amount, select continue which will bring up a confirmation screen. Again, verify your credit card; verify the dollar amount. If everything is satisfactory, press submit. Congratulations, you just added money to your Paypal account using your credit card. Keep in mind that most Paypal have functions have more than one way to do them. Paypal is very easy to use and everything is manual driven. If you can follow manual use, you can do anything in Paypal.