Video transcription

Most TV mounts start with two pieces, the piece that goes on the wall and the piece that goes on the TV. Now the piece that goes on the TV is generally the only thing that is different then the other two. You'll have either a swivel mount or what we are going to use is a straight flat mount. What you are going to first do is you are going to want to locate where your studs are on the wall. Either use a stud finder or the old tap on the wall method. Once you've located where the center of the stud is, use your screwdriver, poke into the wall just to make sure that's there. And wiggle the screwdriver up and down just to make sure that there's no wires or copper pipes or gas pipes running through the wall. After you've drilled into the wall, you are ready to hang it, put your mount on the wall and thread in your lug nuts and then use a ratchet to tighten them up nice and tight onto the wall. Once you have your mount on the wall then you are ready to put the mount on the back of the TV. No matter if it's a flat TV or if it's a swivel mount they all mount pretty much the same way using four screws, four bolts on the back of the TV. Then we are going to attach the bracket to the back of the TV using the four bolts and don't tighten them up all the way until you get the whole bracket on here. And once you've got the bracket where you are making sure that they are the same height on both sides tighten them all in. So now that we have the mount on the wall and the mount on the TV we are going to hang it on the wall. And this mount basically just hangs on the back of it with the little clips. So lift your TV, center it on the wall and then install your safety bar. Now your TV is locked up on the wall.