Video transcription

One of the most common applications to run speaker wires through the wall is so that you don't have this running up to your rear surround speakers. What we are going to do is run this wire through the wall and one of the things that we are going to need is a low voltage jack and a cover plate. And then your speaker wire of course. Basically what we are going to do is run your wire down through the wall and then it's going to come out at a hole down at the lower part of the wall using your jack and your cover. So you are going to make a hole in the wall where you want your speaker, or where you want your speaker located and then push the wire down in through the wall. Put a length of it down until you get down to the bottom of the wall. You can hear it fall down in there. So first you are going to install your low voltage frame down towards the bottom of the wall. And what you are going to use to put this on the wall and then score the inside of it to give you a mark on it. Then after you've got it scored take your dry wall saw and cut just a little bit on the outside of it, being how you did the inside of it when you scored it. So you are going to cut into it. Now that you've dropped the wire down from the top where the speaker location is, and you've cut your whole you are going to reach in pull out your speaker wire, a little out and then install your ring into the wall like so. And this has these little flip out tabs that hold it up against the inside of the dry wall. Take a screwdriver tighten it up and then it cinches of against the wall and then install your cover plate to hide the location. And that is how you hide speaker wires in the wall.