Video transcription

Hi I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. Today we're looking at spittle bugs. Spittle bugs are a nuisance because they look like; literally someone spit on your yard. They're; the white little foamy things that are on the tips of your shrubs and your leaves. Common issues with those is over-fertilized yards. Over-fertilized yards just add a lot of nutrients to these, to, to the, to the leaves in your, in your grass and the blades and stuff and all types of bugs are going to feed on it. So one cure is to slow down your fertilization; the pesticide way is to go ahead and use a good organic residual spray that's lawn and ornamental friendly and, and apply that throughout your yard. Tips to eliminate these spittle bugs is to maintain your yard which is recommended for each seed and also do not over water your yard. Over watering your yard once again is going to create a habitat for all sorts of bugs.