Video transcription

Hi, I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. And we're speaking on stink bugs right now. Stink bugs are an organic feeding bug. They feed on the nectar that comes from the actual plants. The common issues of stink bugs that come inside people's homes is that it's brush. There's way too much brush that's around the structure of the home, especially weeds. Weeds are a softer material that stink bugs will actually feed on. So the common and natural ways to go ahead and do these is to eliminate a lot of these weeds that are in this, that are around this perimeter and then use a good organic spray residual on these brushes, o.k. So the perfect treatments for stink bugs is to go ahead and eliminate these brushes that are around the structure of the home and use a good residual spray. Use something that's going to be long and ornamental friendly. And the last thing you is use a pesticide that's going to eliminate and deteriorate your actual shrubs that are around your home...perfect treatment for it.