Video transcription

Hi I'm Deserie with HerbalWise in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm going to show you how to make a home made flea spray. The equipment that you're going to need today includes a stainless steel pot with a tight fitting lid, something to chop with, a blender works great, a bowl, some cheese cloth and a mesh strainer, a funnel, a jar and a bottle with a spray top. The materials that you are going to need include eucalyptus, it can be dried or fresh, essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary and citronella and we'll go ahead and start mixing it up. So you start off with an herbal infusion of the eucalyptus which I have already prepared and you strain that using your cheese cloth and mesh strainer into a bowl. O'kay once you have your strained eucalyptus infusion you want to add your essential oils so we're going to add two teaspoons of eucalyptus essential oil, one teaspoon of rosemary essential oil and one teaspoon of citronella oil and we will stir these together, awfully smelly stuff. Once you have the essential oils added in and mixed in with your eucalyptus infusion you can go ahead and use your funnel to pour it into a spray bottle. A lot of animals don't like to be sprayed directly so you can spray it on to your hands and then rub it on to the pet. I'm Deserie with HerbalWise and that's making a homemade flea spray.