Video transcription

We're going to talk a little bit about how to use some different types of holsters and what I hope to be able to do is tell you, give you some ideas of where to wear it, so that it's comfortable and where it might not be so comfortable it might not work so well. This particular one slides on your belt so you have to put the belt through your loops up 'till you come to the holster. I've used it, that goes through the back loop and it goes through my belt loop and then the front loop on the holster and through the rest of belt loops and gets tighten up. That puts it in precisely the right area on my body. Generally for this type of a holster you wanted it to be in the back of what you call the Iliac Crest or the big fat hip bump that almost all guys get right up here in this spot. Right in back of that; makes it easy to reach, easy to draw from and it's just angled forward a little bit. Some people's body are a little different; they like it straight up and down, they make holsters like that too. But that's a leather built holster designed for what they call a strong side carry. That's what I use ninety eight percent of the time works really well for me. This particular holster is one of the clip on removable holsters. You can see it's got a wide curved plastic piece. This goes inside your belt. It's designed to fit in the same place as this hook on the bottom of it that's molded into that plastic. That purpose of that hook is to latch onto your pants so the holster stays when the gun comes out. This is a nice one for people that are going into places where they can't carry a gun; choose not to carry a gun; but they want to carry it through the rest of the time. This fits on just like that; the plastic fits inside; the leather fits outside and when you pull your gun out it's pretty easy to see this holster doesn't come out easily. So your gun can exit, the holster stays there. If you need to go in some place, you take the gun and holster off secure it wherever you need to; when you come back out, you're ready for your gun again, slip it right back in place and it's ready to go. It's called a paddle holster or a clip on holster. This little guy here is kind of a nucleus looking but you can see the notch is in the back allow you to put on several different ways. A lot of people like this when they drive a lot because they can put it on over here on the left side where these notches at an angle so when you sit down you could still draw the gun directly easily right out of that. So if they drive a lot, these are really good type of holster to have. The other way these are frequently use is at the middle of the back. The holster fits back here in the middle of your back and you reach your hand back to the gun, break the snap and pull it out that way. Makes a very good for concealment; it's a little uncomfortable if you drive or you can put it right here as a standard strong side holster. It work really really well in a lot of different ways. Not a really expensive holster but really really versatile. I will show you a couple of others. This is an old Western style shoulder holster. Fits on, your arm goes through it like that; pull it up in the place; then your other arm goes through here over your head. These are your tie down straps for your belt. The last one we'll show you is the thigh holster; one of the military law enforcement tactical holsters. They've got straps on them that loosen up like that. This particular strap here, this goes around your belt and adjusts up so as to right height. Use these straps around your thigh to keep it snugged up nice and tight to your thigh. You've got a snap that snaps your firearm in, a secure place for your extra magazine. You'll see these on military personnel, SWAT teams; lots of the law enforcement they keep it right here, leave the belt free for other items, hold the gun extremely secure no matter what type of activity you're going through. It stays right there when need it, there it is. Very secure holsters, lots of Velcro and adjustment on them whatever size person. And that's how to wear variety holsters.