Video transcription

Hello! My name is Nene Ortega. I'm a dance instructor at The Goddess' Store in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip, we're going to talk about Conga. Conga, very happy, fun, it reminds me of those big parties, cruise, birthday, when people are so happy and they go around and they dance the Conga. So, let's dance a little bit our Conga. It's very easy, it's four times, one in each beat, one step on each beat. Okay? So, we're going to start with your left is one, two, three, I'm going to take my right foot and tap on the side. Okay? Let me do that again. Let me go back a little bit so you can see me better. Step, step, step, side step and I continue a step, step, step, side step. So, you notice that I change, one is going to be the right foot and the other time it's going to be the left so it's pam, pam, pam, bayla, bayla, Conga, bayla, bayla, Conga and you can go in back to step, step, step, side and step, step, step, side. Okay? So, I'm going to do it on this angle, I'm going to start with my left. Forward, forward, forward, side. Continue with my right, forward, forward, forward, side and as I go to the side I push my hip to the side and then I'm extending my leg so if I'm extending my leg to the right I push my hip to the right. On the contrary if I'm extending my leg to the left I push. Okay? So, let's, c'mon it's everybody let's try the Conga, one, two, three, Conga, one, two, three, hip, back, back, back, up, back, back, back, up, one, two, three, Conga. For you, Nene Ortega and the Conga dance in Hollywood, Florida.