Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from and in this segment we're talking about how to plant stargazer lily bulbs, one of my favorite plants. Now a stargazer lily is related to alliums or cloves or garlic. They're all related and so when you plant them you want to put them in a sunny spot and you just plant them about three inches deep so you can put them right in soil in the garden or they do great in containers as well. So I always put gravel on the bottom and then fill it up about two thirds and I just set the bulb right in there and I like to actually instead of spreading out the roots on my plants I actually kind of mound the roots together because they will do better if they feel crowded and you can put three in one pot or just one, it's up to you. They do like to be in groups and it is just the one stem that comes up so you can slip them in with other containers or in the garden real easily in empty spots and they do really well. So I want to plant it about three inches above the bulb because it gets roots on the top of the bulb and the bottom of the bulb and you don't want it to fall over so once it's about three inches deep I just kind of pat it down and keep it wet but not soaking wet so you want to leave it so it's got drainage. You don't want to keep it in plastic either. You want to give stargazers as much sun as you can if you live especially near the coast. If you live inland if you can find a spot that's warm all day with a little bit of afternoon shade at the very end of the day in the hottest hours then that's the ultimate spot for a stargazer because then it will bloom for a longer period of time. But stargazers are easy to grow as long as they get sun or part shade and they can grow all the way up to Alaska, they can do minus 30 degrees and if you live in a warm climate like San Diego then take the bulbs up in the Fall, put them in a plastic bag with soil, throw them in the refrigerator for three months and then put them out in the Spring again and they'll bloom again the next Summer. Easy plant to grow.