Video transcription

How to hook up a water softener is really a pretty simple task. It is not that big. The biggest thing that you look for, and the first thing that you look for is obviously location where you are going to put the system itself. You have to put it to where either there is a loop in the house to where the water, the main water comes in. Some folks they can't find that, but they want soft water say for their shower so they have them hooked up just to their water heaters, and that you know at least you have got partially soft water at that point. I don't necessarily recommend that, because it still is hard on your fixtures. At any rate hooking up a water softener you have this loop that comes through, you make sure that your inlet goes to your inlet on the back of the thing itself there is usually arrows indicating or it says in and out. So your water coming in has to go to the end on the head itself. That is very important. I have seen so many that are put in backwards, and people think they are working, and they work part time, and they just don't. The system will still come on, and it will still produce water it is just not working right. So it is not softening the water I should say. So that is very important to make sure that you have it piped in, and then you have it piped out. Very, very easy indicators on the back of these systems. The water comes out, and goes back to the house. Next thing you have to do is there is a little drain line that comes in and down, you have to tie this to either a drain that goes to the outside. Some homes actually have a little drain hole coming out of the wall where these lines are all in the same room in the mechanical area itself that you just kind of plug it down in, and it has a P-trap and stuff built in. This particular one goes to the outside of the house, and exits the outside of the house. You have to tie this in otherwise you will end up with a flooded house. It is very important that this drain line is tied in. You have to tie this line in this is your brine line. This is where it pulls the salt water from inside of the brine tank into the system when it does it's regeneration of the resin beads. So this line has to be tied in, there is a little fitting up under here that is just a simple nut fitting. It ties in up under here, and this goes to your valve head, and the other end of it ties into your float valve, which is down inside of the tank itself. And what that does is it basically regulates when this tank is full when the brine is good, and ready to go, and it pulls it out, and it puts it into the resin itself regenerating the system before it does it does it's rinse. Those are the key components for basically hooking up your water softener system.