Video transcription

In water softening, there is settings that we have to set to make it right for your water. One of the first things that a guy like myself would come in and do is test your water for hardness. To do that, we go through a test strip system that I'll describe to you in a little bit. The first thing we come in and do is do that and then we come to the water softener itself and look at the settings. Some softeners there's several different kinds of softener controls if you will. Some are mechanical. Some are digital. Some work off of flow and some work off of time. This particular model we're looking at works off of time. To set this one what you need to do is there's obviously a clock here. You need to press the button to set the clock in the time of the day and you set it for the time of the day and then inside of here, there is what this is the regeneration time frame and there's a couple little tabs in here that you have to pull and set for time frames inside the unit itself. Each one of them has a different setting. One of them would be twenty four hours. One of them would be a week and one of them would be two weeks and then one of them would be I believe it's a month in this one and then we'll kind of what you do is you determine that by the flow of how much water you use and you base that off of people you have in your house like if there's two people, it's based off of I believe like eleven hundred gallons. So, you'll do that as a time frame so when you use eleven hundred gallons which will probably be about once a week on that level with two people in the house and that's basically how you setup for hardness in the system itself. Then the other type of water softeners the ones with flow though have a setting on them for gallons. How many gallons that you'll be using up? It will have a dial on it that will pull out and go to say to twelve hundred gallons, eleven hundred gallons like we discussed the two people in the house at that point in time. The other ones are the digital simple ones also work off of flow and you'll basically just punch. There's a one button system. You'll punch it up and there you'll have where your flow is at eleven hundred, twelve hundred. It's also advisable to make sure always to have some body that knows what there doing test water if you are not familiar with it. Don't be afraid to ask questions either because there's a lot of helpful people out there that can help you out.