Video transcription

Hello, I'm Jacklyn Laflamme from In this clip we're going to learn how to enlarge a drawing using a grid. We're going to start off with this photograph of a rabbit and as you can see I've put a grid, a quarter inch grid over the entire surface of the rabbit and the purpose for this is so that we can look at each little square and enlarge it as we go along. You can see here that I've drawn a one-inch grid; so now we're getting ready to begin. We're going to look at the first little square over here and we're going to start to draw. And we're just going to look at this little piece, that way the image doesn't become too overwhelming. So we're going to start and we're going to draw our first line and we could see that it kind of goes little bit like this, right 'till here. And the next part, it's just a little tiny triangle of the rabbit's head that shows. So we're just going to put that little line right in there. When we get to the next little area, it comes just a little bit more down and a little bit more down and so on and so forth until we go all the way around and outline bunny. Then, we can count over; if we want to start the other side, we can count over; one, two, three; so we; one, two, three and then we can start this outline over here. And again, you could see there's just a little tiny triangle. So all we need to do is draw this one little and so on and we can come down and this kind of goes to the corner here and then we just have a little tiny piece in here of the fur and we can come down; we can actually like follow the ear down here so that we can get that ear coming in and we can see exactly where it needs to go. It's almost to the corner of this grid here and it comes down here and then it comes over to this grid over here and down. So you could see where you could get the exact placement of the ear without being overwhelm as I said earlier. And then again, if you want to come in and do the inside of the bunny's ear or actually let's do the eye. So we can count down; one, two, three and we know exactly where that eye is going to fall. One, two, three and then we can start; we can look and see; it's just like a little triangle at the top and you could see how I'm drawing that in and then it comes down to here and we can see that it goes right through the next grid over here and just a little bit into here. Then we can pull that eye here to this grid and to here and that way you know exactly where the bunny's eye needs to be placed. Once you've finished tracing out your rabbit using the grid system and enlarging it, then you can take your color pencils and start to color in all the details; also, looking in each section of the grid. Thank you very much. This has been Jacklyn Laflamme.