Video transcription

I'm going to demonstrate a method of putting an offset worm hook into a plastic grub. The offset worm hook is designed for the barb to go right through the middle and then come out. Continue around, push that worm up to the offset and turn it around so it hangs straight. Then, push that little hook right back through, straighten it, and the worm hangs straight down and it's ready to fish. Now, we're going to demonstrate the same lure hooked on a lead head jig. It works just about the same, but with this one the hook is exposed. Put the hook right through the center of the bait and this time bring it all the way to the end and let the hook protrude and push the little hook right up. Now the grub is rigged on a lead head. This is with the hook exposed. So around brush you'd like to use the weedless style. In rocks and open water, use the lead head. Alright, now we have two options. We have this bait which could be used in brush because the hook is not exposed. You could through it into trees and brush and get it back. And the fish could also eat it. And when they grab it the hook would come out. With this approach, in open water or around water without brush the hook is exposed, a little bit easier to hook the fish, but both will work. It just depends on which habitat type you're desiring to fish.