Video transcription

Hey guys, it's CJ Kendricks, Gotta Dance Atlanta's resident rock star and front man for CJ and the Chronics. Today I'm here to show you how to do a popular west coast dance known as the C-Walk. I'll show you a very simple variation of that dance so you can you too can do it at home, at your parties, out at the clubs and everywhere else you and your friends want to go to have a good time. Check it out. The first step you want to do is take a hop to your right. As you do this, you land on your left, make sure you get good balance, and you want to stay very bouncy or buoyant on the balls of your feet hopping like so. From there, with your right foot still slightly in the air, you're going to switch your feet bouncing back and forth three times. Watch that first step again. We're going to hop, switch, switch, switch, OK? Now once we've done that to finish it off we just go back to the opposite side the same way. Go left, switch, switch, switch, OK? That whole thing continuously put together is boom, hit, hit, and left, boom, boom, go right and left. Now to add a little flavor or a little swag to that, we can also add a clap on your second foot exchange. Watch what I mean. You'll hop over, switch one, two, three. Then hop over again. Hop over, switch one, two, three. Now watch how we do that continuously. Six, seven eight. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do the C-Walk. OK, now I want to re-emphasize the different foot exchange that you have here and the balance and weight distribution. As you hop once again to your right side, you're landing and balancing on your left, trying to be mostly on the ball of your foot, boom. Really stay tight and keep your balance there while you, at the same time, keep your leg loose, OK? Your right leg stays loose. From there, boom, boom, boom. I'm going to show you that again slow. What happens is, I go up, up, up. I'm lifting or bouncing with that by staying on the balls of my feet and it's the exact same thing to the opposite side. Over to our left, boom and then up, up, up, OK? Alright guys, so now that I showed you the basic steps and my variation of the C-Walk, I'm going to show it to you in action. Check it out. Alright, so once again, my name is CJ Kendricks with Gotta Dance Atlanta and CJ and the Chronics saying, peace.